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blocking custom url?with url filtering enabled but not https inspection?

So im trying to block 3 custom urls on the firewalls in cluster running R80.20 will they be able to block the urls with https inspection not enabled?? url filtering is enabled though.


custom url.PNG

As you can see above those are the 3 urls i created (and is that the correct way to create them?) and im hoping they get blocked?


Thank You.

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Most likely, HTTPS Inspection will need to be enabled, but you can configure it with an "any any bypass" rule (meaning, no actual inspection is done).
This is provided you are on a recent Jumbo Hotfix that includes SNI support.
SNI functionality requires HTTPS Inspection to be enabled in R80.20 and R80.30.
This also assumes Categorize HTTPS Sites is enabled as well.

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