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White Paper - Path to Secure Cloud Transformation

Moving to the cloud is more than a technical transition to a new platform. It is a core part of an enterprise’s growth strategy and while strategically important, it can also be potentially disruptive.

For security experts and security architects, the most critical challenge in cloud adoption is handling complex technical scenarios where the mix of traditional and cloud-driven infrastructures must be integrated and aligned with the security needs of the organization.

For cloud transformation to be successful, enterprises must be aware of their organizational and technology challenges, and security teams must carefully plan their strategy and approach.

Cloud transformation is a huge opportunity not without risks. At Check Point, our goal is to support decision-makers navigating the challenges of defining their cloud transformation strategy. This paper provides an evidence-based approach to planning, designing, and implementing the transition, with the goal of reducing design cycles and the overall cost of your cloud transformation.

For more information, please read the attached document.


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All, as part of the Check Point Global Architecture Group, I'd like to present several websites on that we maintain for our customers and those interested in how we approach design, transformation, and security architecture.

Security Best Practice and Architectures.

The below links contain white papers and product briefs maintained by the Global Architecture Group

Architecture Workshops

We perform full Enterprise Security Workshops that are 1-2 days that consider customer frameworks, business challenges and product lifecycle. We also offer cloud transformation workshops, both of which are detailed in the below link.

We hope you find our collateral useful - please reach out to our team for additional details.

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