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White Paper - Integration of Check Point Identity Collector and Cisco ISE


Edmund Carbon



The Check Point Identity Awareness Software Blade provides detailed visibility into users, groups, and machines. It provides application and access control through the creation of identity-based firewall policies in a Check Point deployment along with event monitoring and reporting. Cisco ISE integrates with Check Point’s software blade to provide real-time and comprehensive identity and network privilege context. That includes user IP address, name, group, and Cisco TrustSec® security group tag information.
This integration provides Check Point gateways with better visibility of user activities while improving control of corporate resources. ISE helps the Check Point console to display contextual information associated with an event, such as the user’s identity and level of access. This finer level of detail from ISE can reduce threats and data loss by restricting access to resources by users and devices.

This guide provides step by step instruction for establishing trust between Check Point Identity Collector and Cisco ISE Server by using self-signed certificates.


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Thank you for preparing this, I've been going round in circles with TS on trying to get this to work, and they have had no resources to get this to work.  I'll add the link to my case, and work through this (the cert part is where I've gotten stuck).

Paul G, CCSM

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