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Where are the HA appliances?

New product catalog out there since some days....

But where are the HA appliances? There are no HA appliances available for all of the newer appliances. For older models like 5xxx you can choose this version.

Is this the new way to pay the full price for two devices if you want HA?


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We're phasing out the -HA SKUs, which were only offered on the lower end appliances anyway.
For older appliances we sell, we'll continue to offer it where we had previously.
The new appliances we've introduced recently don't have these SKUs.

Note that -HA SKUs were never required to deploy a cluster but it did offer a slight discount for the second (or additional appliance.
Also, appliances that have an -HA SKU can only be deployed in a cluster, which can cause issues if you redeploy the appliance down the road.
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