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Prevent VPN client from launching automatically on OSX?

Hi all,

I'm using the Endpoint Security E80.71 VPN client on a Macintosh computer (OS 10.11.6). Does anyone know how to prevent the program from launching automatically upon startup? I have already  tried to edit

--> /Library/LaunchAgents/com.checkpoint.eps.gui.plist

--> /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.checkpoint.epc.service.plist (setting <key>RunAtLoad</key> to <false/> in both cases)

and disabled the Always-Connect option in the GUI.

The program still starts automatically.

I'd be very grateful for any advice.



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So you already Google'd and that solution doesn't help you. So try this one or open a Service Request with TAC.

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Thank you for your suggestions, Danny. Actually, I'm not looking for a shell script to close the client, I'd like to prevent it from automatically starting up in the first place. In fact, it's quite incomprehensible why something so elementary should require manual editing of .plist files or shell scripts to be run. This should be either controllable through the GUI or the OS's system preferences (the Endpoint Security client does not show up under the Login Items). I'll send an email to Amir Yacoby from the TAC and post his reply here.


Do you have any answer, Robert? I have the same problem and it's very annoying...

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The Mac VPN client does more than VPN, it's also a firewall.

I'm guessing this firewall is the real issue and not the fact the VPN client loads Smiley Happy

The firewall is enforced through the kernel module that is loaded, which is by design.

The only options I see are:

  • Ask your admin to configure a more permissive firewall for your needs.
  • Not load (or even unload) the relevant kernel module.
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Sorry, but that completely misses the point. Question is not, whatever the VPN client program is doing - question is very simple, how can it be prevented to start automatically?

Obviously there should be some solution for this, as it is easily possible to stop the client from the menubar after it has automatically started. If I had been in charge of testing this software, it would not have gotten released - it is completely incomprehensible to implement a piece of software without allowing to configure whether it will start automatically or not easily in its GUI. *THIS* is the problem here.

I will definitely *never* recommend this kind of VPN client to anybody - no matter the features. Implementing software like this is just completely unreasonable. Please refer back to Software Engineering 101.


I also have this question.  How is the Endpoint dialog box disabled or hidden?  

Or must I uninstall the VPN client to eliminate the dialog?

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Actually, if you connect to your VPN and open the client (Show Client), entering at the connection properties you can disable the option "Enable Always-Connect". This might prevent the client to pop-up after you Mac restart.

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Disabling the "Enable Always-Connect" option does not work for me. So far I yet need to find a way to prevent the program from starting up automatically. Quite a **bleep**ty piece of software…

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What is your company policy in regard to this? If they considere the client to be mandatory for access to the netwoek the installation might be set to disallow you to do disable it to startup at boot time.


While you may not agree with hti spolicy it might very well be something that is part of the deal.

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