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When is new GA take of R81 Jumbo released?

Hello --

We only recommend customers run "GA" takes of JUMBO on GAIA in production (unless there's a particular reason).

The last R81 "GA" Jumbo was take #44 from Sept 2021.   

There have been an INCREDIBLE number of subsequent hotfixes includes in daily ongoing take (especially take #51).  wow.

We have various customers scheduling maintenance windows, upgrades, etc and would love to have a newer "GA" take of R81 (with numerous fixes) to factor into decision.

any insight would be appreciated.


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1. R81.10 indeed have many more improvements so i personally recommend R81.10… but we have install base and do obviously also support R81 

2. Not every jumbo gets to GA (criteria include zero degradations so if any degradation found, it will not be GA). Current take will not be GA as we identified small degradation (crash in log indexer) so a the next jumbo will be released next week with fix for that. After a jumbo is released, we wait for some usage and validation before we nominate it GA. 


Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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