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What is the latest R80.20 upgrade image file version?

Hi All,


I am just wondering about what is the latest OS R80.20 upgrade image file version?

I have only file "Check_Point_R80.20_T101_Fresh_Install_and_Upgrade_Security_Gateway.tgz".

Is there the OS file that is patched with Take-117 or 118?

Thank you.

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We have them as Blink images, which are only useful for fresh install.
As for upgrade images, believe that will have to be done as a multistep process.
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Hi PhoneBoy,
Thank you for your reply. I am going to upgrade ClusterXL Load-Sharing Gateway from r77.30 to r80.20. The Management server already had been upgraded to r80.20.
So I want to know that my steps are okay.
1. Clean install r80.20 T101 OS installation file on Cluster-1 device
(I know the r80.20 T101 can't support Load-Sharing mode)
2. Install HK118 file on Cluster-1 device
(HK118 can support Load-Sharing mode)
3. Confirm gateway status with management server
4. Clean install r80.20 T101 OS installation file on Cluster-2 device
5. Install HK118 file on Cluster-2 device
6. Confirm gateway and Cluster status with management server

Is it possible for upgrading gateway?
Please advise me. Many thanks.
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