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Question regarding export of firewall configuration.

Is there a way to export the full Check Point firewall configuration in a machine readable format (text, CSV, JSON, HTML etc.)?  For example we can see the firewall interface table within the SmartConsole application but can not copy or export the data.  The same for the routing table.  We can export some of the network objects but not the Network groups. 

Using R80.20 on the mgmt servers.


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There's two elements of the device configuration: Operating System level and Security Policy.
Operating system level can be achieved with a "show configuration" on the CLI.
For the Security Policy, see:
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I see multiple ways here:

  1. Policy, policy objects (including FW objects) can be pulled from MGMT via management API
  2. OS configuration: interfaces, static routes, etc, can be taken as text via CLISH or via Gaia API

All mentioned tools are heavily documented and discussed here in the community

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