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What additional functions or products do you want from Check Point? Wishlist

Hello everyone!
Let's discuss what features or products you want from Check Point. As for me, I will be happy if check point can make these things:

- Free Management Server for 2 SMB Appliances (1400, 3100, 3200)
- Vulnerability Scanner blade in Endpoint Agent

- IPS blade in Endpoint Agent
- Check Point Honeypot
- SD WAN features
- Virtual Machine for Gaia Embedded (just for learning)
- ISP redundancy for 3 ISP
- GRE tunnel support
- Sandblast mobile with native MDM

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Champion Champion

  • Use of Security Zones in NAT policy.
  • Ability to take "triggered" packet captures that start collecting when a certain specified condition occurs.
  • Visual GUI equivalent of Cisco packet tracer.  All the underlying CLI commands like pinj, ip route get, fw up_execute are there they just need to be stitched together in a GUI.


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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

sk104468 : Disabling SecureXL allows to see the complete connection in FW Monitor, which may be required for troubleshooting purposes.

R80.20 : fw monitor 

  • From R80.20, the FW Monitor is able to show the traffic accelerated with SecureXL.

  • Automation for deployements of Cloudguard in Azure (same level of automation as Cloudguard in AWS)
  • Cluster management by SMP Cloud portal
  • Cloud-based management for endpoints
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