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VPN Client Limit sessions

Hello people,

How can I get the limit sessions concurrent for VPN Client? 

I Repeat:  Only the VPN Client sessions limit

SmartConsole R80.10

Gtwys  R77.30 

It is through any license?

There are any way to know this information? 

Thanks for any help.


Best Regards

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Are you using VSX? If so it's capped to 200 sessions per VS. This can be changed under opimizations on the VS GW object. On physical GW's I belive there is only the licence that will stop you from having "unlimited" concurrent sessions.

If you provide the output of cplic print, that will tell you the story.

You can see on the SMS how many secure client licenses are installed with the following command:

# cplic print

On the gateway you can see how many licenses are currently in use and the maximum number of used licenses:

# fw tab -t userc_users -s