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Tip of the week: Support Center's Upgrade Wizard

Hi all, 

I assume most of you are familiar with Support Center’s Upgrade Wizard (also known as “Download Wizard”):


For those who are not, and for those who might need a reminder about this very useful tool, this is for you:


The main purpose of the Upgrade Wizard is to ease customers upgrades planning by:

  • Allowing customers to quickly find their upgrade path
  • Providing a list of required upgrade files


It also assists in reducing the amount of hardware RMA cases caused by wrong installation processes.

Users simply enter their current environment details (product, version, appliance model, etc.) and the details of the environment they want to upgrade to, and immediately are presented with the recommended path and files:



It can also be used for new installations too. Simply choose “New Installation” in the first step instead of “Upgrade”, enter the required details and a link to the correct download file will be displayed.

As always feel free to send me your feedback (suggestions for improvements, errors, typos, missing info, etc.)

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