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Tacacs plus authentication with Aruba clearpass manager

Is there a proper documentation that shows how to configure tacacs plus? The SKS and examples I've found till now are a little vague, we are using Aruba clearpass manager and I'm trying it out on a test firewall first, I think I've got most of the configuration correct since when I try to login to my normal ad account on the firewall it loves into the read only mode, I have 2 modes defined under roles in user management, one is tacp-0 with 0 privileges and the other is tacp-15 with full privilege, now how do I control the login of my normal ad account so that it can use say tacp-15? Because looks like by default it uses the tacp-0 role.

Firewall is a 4800 series running R80.40

If you need me to post screenshots or configs I can do so.

Thank you.

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It looks like after login, you can use the Gaia Clish command 'tacacs_enable TACP-15' to gain full privileges.
Not sure you can make a user TACP-15 by default.
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