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Support Center Tip of the Week: Are you familiar with Support Center Product Pages?

I am sure all of you searched Support Center for recent software packages, Admin Guides, or just wanted to figure out what is the latest version available for a specific product.

Did you know that instead of using search, you can browse  and reach this information with just a few clicks?


Just visit Support Center product Pages:

  1. Click “Learn more” under “All Products”.

  2. Choose the desired Appliance or Blade page and click it (15000 appliance in this example).

  3. Click the desired tab (“Downloads” in this example) and filter according to the desired model, version and OS. Note that clicking a “Version” filter opens its “Minor Version” filtering options (R77.x, R80.x, etc.)

  4. If there are more than 20 results and you want to see everything in one page, just use the “Show X entries” box on the right.

  5. The “Search Support” toolbar is available under all tabs of the product page. Note that if you are visiting a Blade product page (instead of an Appliance product page), you also have a unique option to run a search within this blade only.

    Example from “Firewall” blade product page


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