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Migration from one management server to another on different location


I have a task to migrate all GW (10+ on different locations across the region) from one management server to another that is configured on different location. Are there any special recomendations for this job to be done? Since I do not want to do a big bang approach some of the GW will be for a certain time still on the old Management server and some on the new one. My concern is what will happen to the VPN chanels between the GW that will be managed from different management server.

In short I believe that I should made:

 1. export on the original management server (sk73120)

 2. import on new management server (sk73120)

 3. change IP of new management server (sk40993)

 4. connect selected GW to new management server (establish new SIC) (sk73120)

Migration of all GW to the new managemnt server might take 1 week. GW are interconnected via different mesh and star communities.

Many thanks for your thoughts

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Your management server is not a different one as you are just planning to migrate the existing management database to a machine with a different IP address. The certificate of the management server won't change, just the IP address. So you can install the new management server, migrate the database to its new IP address and connect the gateways one by one to it without having any issues with the VPN.