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SNMP Not Responding

Is anyone here good with SNMP?

I have 4 machines:

  • SmartCenter (VM)
  • SmartEvent (appliance)
  • Firewall A
  • Firewall B

SNMP is configured exactly the same on all boxes, and enabled.

SmartEvent and Firewall B work fine.  The monitoring system gets SNMP responses no problem.

SmartCenter and Firewall A do not.  

Netstat shows udp 0 0* 12412/snmpd

If I tcpdump on either machine while testing I see tons of SNMP traffic hitting the box...  all the normal SNMP stuff, including the community string, etc.  But I never see return traffic back to the monitoring server.  It's like SNMP requests get to the box and vanish in to a black hole.  A "zdebug" on the gateway shows no related drops.  The cluster Active/Standby status has no bearing on the symptoms.

Any ideas?


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I would involve TAC asap...

CCSE CCTE SMB Specialist
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