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Route Internet Traffic to Site over VPN Tunnel

OS: R80.30

Type of Connection: Mobile Access

VPN Application: Capsule VPN (Android)

Target Application to Work: MS PowerApps


We have customized PowerApps project deployed/installed in tablet of our user in China. As we all know, even Microsoft apps are having problems when working inside China because of internet restriction. The PowerApps is working normally as tested out of China, what we did is we installed Capsule VPN to subject tablet and connect to our Headoffice.

The VPN tunnel established successfully, but PowerApps is still having problem syncing the data from tablet to server.

We want to route internet traffic of tablet after it successfully connect the VPN, is this possible? If yes, any lead/ ideas how to do? Also, just to add we have Proxy server in HQ and we're thinking of using it once the VPN has been established, not sure how to apply this in specific application in PowerApps or how the Android will use proxy once VPN is connected.

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I believe that you can still enable Hub Mode for the Capsule VPN Clients.


Global Properties / Remote Access / SecureClient Mobile

Security Settings - Route all traffic to gateway

Set to Yes


Also set this under Endpoint Connect as well.


Make sure that set NAT on the Office Mode range so that when connects to Internet that is NATed.


That should by my understanding have the VPN Client send the traffic over the VPN tunnel 

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hi @mdjmcnally, are you referring to this article?

Re: "Make sure that set NAT on the Office Mode range so that when connects to Internet that is NATed." should i do this in the security gateway? i forgot to mentioned that security gateway uses HA/ cluster
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you can route all traffic via VPN to your central gateway:


As @mdjmcnally  mentioned, you have to enable for this for the different clients, but I think you have to have to enable this here for the capsule VPN clients.


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@Wolfgang my security gateway has this settings, but looks like the internet traffic is not routed to the gateway
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