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Ankur_Datta inside General Topics 29m ago
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Firewall not accept new password for user

Hi All, Today we changed a password for one of the firewall because it's password got expired. After changing the password, firewall not allows to login into it using that password. The user is not a self-created user ( eg admin/monitor) We tried to change the password, copying the password-hash value from different firewall, Restarting checkpoint services, rebooting the firewall, deleting the user and again creating it but nothing work. We temporary created new user and gave it to the client. in var/log/messages file i am getting login denied for user from IP but that ip doesn't belong to my system. Maybe client is trying to access. but when i try to access, i can't see any denied logs.This is the 2nd firewall on which we are facing the issue.Gateway R77.30Hotfix - Take_216 is installed. Please suggest. Thanks
HeikoAnkenbrand inside General Topics 29m ago
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Are there additional CLI commands for Falcon cards?

Is it possible to view the SecureXL settings on the Falcan card? Are there special CLI commands for this?Where can I find documentation for this?
George_Giorgaki inside General Topics yesterday
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How to enable history on cli gaia?

Is there any SK to follow to enable history search on gaia?
Kim_Moberg inside General Topics yesterday
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R80.30 GA Installation experience

Hi CheckMates,I just want to share my positive experience after upgrade to R80.30 GA and when talking with TAC support they provided a very professional and competent as well fast resolution to issues found.First Gateway Mgmt server was upgraded from R80.20 GA to R80.30 GA first release.Was unable to login with admin Gaia user but administrative users worked.Solution was fast - tried to recreate admin account using CLI 'cpconfig'.Endpoint Mgmt server upgraded from R80.20 GA to R80.30 issues with the upgrade everything worked fine.Upgraded a cluster running R80.20 GA with JHF to solve SK147493 - " After Upgrade to R80.30 -Unable to connect to the Standby Cluster member from a non-local subnet via SSH or WebUI" After running R80.30 GA problem came back again.Reached our to TAC and very fast an update was ready and problem solved.Any one else experience any issues after the upgrade or just a possible experience with TAC support?Looking forward to hear from you.
Nick_Doropoulos inside General Topics yesterday
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CoreXL questions

Hello,I was wondering if I could have the following questions answered please:1) When unbinding a CPU core from a firewall worker so it can be bound to the dynamic dispatcher, the active connections will be lost. Is there a way for this to happen seamlessly or would this change need to done during a maintenance window?2) What is the maximum number of CPU cores that can be assigned to the dynamic dispatcher?3) What happens when bonded interfaces are added into the mix?Thanks in advance.
HeikoAnkenbrand inside General Topics yesterday
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R80.20 - IP blacklist in SecureXL

Controls the IP blacklist in SecureXL. The blacklist blocks all traffic to and from the specified IP addresses. The blacklist drops occur in SecureXL, which is more efficient than an Access Control Policy to drop the packets. This can be very helpful e.g. with DoS attacks to block an IP on SecureXL level. For example, the traffic from and to IP should be blocked at SecureXL level. On gateway set the IP to Secure XL blacklist: # fwaccel dos blacklist -a On gateway displays all IP's on the SecureXL blacklist: # fwaccel dos blacklist -s On gateway delete the IP from Secure XL blacklist: # fwaccel dos blacklist -d Very nice new function in R80.20! Furthermore there are also the Penalty Box whitelist in SecureXL. The SecureXL Penalty Box is a mechanism that performs an early drop of packets that arrive from suspected sources. The purpose of this feature is to allow the Security Gateway to cope better under high traffic load, possibly caused by a DoS/DDoS attack. The SecureXL Penalty Box detects clients that sends packets, which the Access Control Policy drops, and clients that violate the IPS protections. If the SecureXL Penalty Box detect a specific client frequently, it puts that client in a penalty box. From that point, SecureXL drops all packets that arrive from the blocked source IP address. The Penalty Box whitelist in SecureXL lets you configure the source IP addresses, which the SecureXL Penalty Box never blocks. More under this link: Command Line Interface R80.20 Reference Guide Regards, Heiko
George_Giorgaki inside General Topics yesterday
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Disable SecureXL permanent R80.20

How can i permanently disabled SecureXL on R80.20?
NeilDavey inside General Topics yesterday
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Incomplete Certificate Chain

I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix the certificate chain incomplete issue at all?I can't seem to find the resolution for this at all.Thanks
Steffen inside General Topics yesterday
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DELL R630 R80.20 fresh Install error

Hello, I have a ne DELL R630 ordered like HCL but I get an error during install of R80.20 T101 Mgmt. So might be tha problem that HCL evaluation was with the R80.20 GA ISO and sth. changed with the T101 ISO?Installing CentOS 7.4 works for that system.....
Qijian inside General Topics yesterday
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How to log into Endpoint Security VPN using windows command line

I want to auto log into Endpoint Security VPN using windows command line (with user name and password). Is it possible to do that? If yes, does anyone know the right functions? Thank you!
inside General Topics yesterday
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Identity Awareness Agents SK with direct links - published!

Hi CheckMates,I have published a new SK for Identity Awareness agents with direct links and list of resolved issues for your use.The SK is sk134312.It includes the following agents:Identity CollectorIdentity Agent – FullIdentity Agent – lightIdentity Agent for MACTerminal Server Agent.We will update this SK from time to time with new versions after they will be QAed.In case you have remarks or any clarification is needed - I'm here to answer.Thanks,Royi PriovTeam Leader, Identity Awareness R&D.
Nick_Doropoulos inside General Topics Saturday
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How to view the connections of the dynamic dispatcher's table

According to this video (, the dynamic dispatcher's table gets updated with the allowed connections so that it knows where to forward the next packet of the said connection. So my question is how can we view the connections table of the dynamic dispatcher?I am not trying to solve a specific problem so if you just know the answer to the above question it would be great.Thanks in advance.
c48ccc4d-374a-4 inside General Topics Friday
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CheckPoint R80.10 NAT-lease settings

Hi all!I've set up the NAT for one /24 private net to ip-range that containts /24 public net.Now NAT is working, but as static, despite of my HIDE setting. I mean that one host with private ip-address is always receiving the same public ip.How can I change this, if I need different public ip in every session for the same private ip?
6dd15084-b97a-4 inside General Topics Friday
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Geeting error while connection R77.30 Mgmt Console

This error I face when try to connect my Mgmt Console each time:: Kindly help ips scheduled update ended with errors. update check failed, please review credentials & prox...
Miguel_Barrios inside General Topics Thursday
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How to check ThreatCloud URL Reputation?

Is there a webpage to check Check Point ThreatCloud URL, IP or domain reputation online?