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R81.10 End-of-Support extension



We are happy to announce the extension of support for the R81.10 software release.


R81.10 is currently the most widely adopted and trusted version by our customers. Planning an upgrade takes time and effort, and we would like to provide maximum flexibility for the planning of security operations both now and in the future.


The support period for our R81.10 software version (released July 2021), has been extended from October 31th, 2024 to July 31st, 2025.


This extension applies to the following:

  • Quantum Security Management
  • Quantum Security Gateways
  • CloudGuard Network

This would also present a good opportunity to start planning your future upgrade to Quantum Titan R81.20


Check Point Quantum R81.20 Quantum Titan is packed with new features. that offer elasticity, efficiency, and innovative security enhancements


Enhancing the gold standard in Security Management: Quantum R81.20 lets you leverage the new Management API to integrate security from the ground up and efficiently manage access policies with support for dynamic policy objects taken from external sources. A new workflow now supports policy change management to minimize errors, allowing verification for new policies before they are applied and enforced throughout (“4 Eyes Principle”). By automating VPN connections to public clouds, R81.20 makes it easy to connect your Quantum Gateways with data centers hosted in the public cloud. Offering simplified user authentication with third party SAML Identity Providers, authentication is modernized and improved for administrators to log-in to SmartConsole as well as remote users accessing corporate assets. This enables SSO, MFA, and compliance checks, and complements current support for third-party Identity Providers with the Identity Awareness blade.


Quantum IoT Protect offers enterprise IoT device discovery embedded into Quantum Gateways and applies autonomous zero-trust policies that are automatically updated based on device type, risk level, and industry best practice, This makes it easy to secure IP cams, smart TVs, Wi-Fi printers, and much more.

Zero-Day Phishing Prevention, powered by patented technologies and AI engines, prevents access to the most sophisticated phishing websites, both known and completely unknown, without the need to install and maintain clients on end-user devices.


DNS Security to block: Data Leak/Compromise via DNS Tunneling, illicit hacker communications for Command and Control Servers, and machine-generated domains (DGA).

Continuing to innovate Maestro, including several new features that improve efficiency, elasticity, and compatibility with public clouds. The new Autoscaling feature in Maestro Hyper-scale lets you automatically allocate resources across Security Groups (based on your priorities), bringing cloud-like scale and agility to your prem-based security (for example, to accommodate peak traffic hours). To support high-speed, high-volume transaction environments (e.g. digital trading), Maestro now offers accelerated data paths for higher throughput and lower latency based on predefined rules (“Fast Forwarding”).


Quantum Titan Overview videos (4mins)

Quantum Titan Video (#1)
Quantum Titan Video (#2)


Please refer to our support service life cycle policy for more details.


I encourage you to contact Account Services for any questions you may have.



Yaron Weiler

Head of product management, Security Gateway Appliances and Maestro


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