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R80.x - Performance Tuning Tip - Control SecureXL / CoreXL Paths


Disabling SecureXL for traffic sent from/to specific IP

Disabling SecureXL for traffic sent from/to specific IP addresses might be needed when it is not possible to disable SecureXL completely due to high traffic load on Security Gateway. This will route all packets through the F2F path (picture 1 green).

Tip 1

How to disable SecureXL for specific IP addresses? Edit the relevant table.def file, define the IP addresses, whose traffic should not be accelerated. More read here sk104468.

Picture 1

Fast Acceleration


The Fast Acceleration (picture 2 green) feature lets you define trusted connections to allow bypassing deep packet inspection on R80.20 Take 103/ R80.30 Take 107 and above gateways. This feature significantly improves throughput for these trusted high volume connections and reduces CPU consumption.

The CLI of the gateway can be used to create rules that allow you to bypass the SecureXL PSLXL path to route all connections through the fast path.

Tip 2

Use this function to exclude IP's or networks from deep inspection.

Picture 2

Feature Attributes:

  • Configured from the gateway's CLI.
  • Can be turned On / Off, Off is the default.
  • Rules can be added / deleted by demand.
  • Configuration (State / rules) survive reboot.
  • Maintain rule hit count (does not survive reboot).
  • Every configuration change done by the user is logged in $FWDIR/log/fw_fast_accel.log file.

Read more here to create fast_accel rules:  sk156672 - SecureXL Fast Accelerator.

Tip 3

Here you can see the complete packet flow in detail: R80.x - Security Gateway Architecture (Logical Packet Flow)

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Is there also a hotfix for r80.10 to use fast accel?

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Yes this feature exists in R80.10 but the command is sim fastaccel, you will need R80.10 Jumbo HFA 177+ installed to use it.  More info: sk139772: SecureXL Fast Accelerator (sim fastaccel) for Non Scalable Platforms R77.30/R80.10


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This is super cool!

Would be neat if we could add groups of stuff to table.def.  Like "Skype Traffic".

Then maybe we wouldn't kill all Skype call traffic each time we push policy!


Maybe, even with traffic matching fast_accel SecureXL still has to be restarted every time policy is pushed in R80.10 and earlier.  Due to the new F2V path in R80.20+, SecureXL is not restarted every time policy is pushed on R80.20+.


"Max Capture: Know Your Packets" Video Series
now available at

SecureXL has been significantly revised in R80.20.

Yes, it's great that SecureXL is not restarted anymore in R80.20+. 

In R80.40 there will be some new interesting features 🙂