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R80.40 clean initial install shows 4 interfaces but all "no link". OK on 80.30

Hi there peeps. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I came to clean build our currently R80.30 secondary Management server yesterday. It is a Dell R730 openserver. Its been working fine using the onboard NICs as R80.30. But when I started the installer yesterday using the latest R80.40 image (Check_Point_R80.40_T294) and try to select the Management Interface it shows them all there but saying "No link". I checked back in the the machine info and that sees them correctly as Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM57800. It can quite happily make them blink for identification purposes but as much as I move the ethernet cable between the 4 ports (all immediately show link lights and traffic) and refresh they all continue to say "no link". Cancel the install and let it boot back into R80.30 and all is absolutely fine. Has anyone else experienced this. Part of me thought just push on with the clean build and pray I can sort it once Gaia is up and then the other part thought no, leave it on 80.30 for now whilst I try and look for a suitable NIC card that does show a link. The hardware compability list for NICs is a bit thin on the ground and somewhat out of date in terms of what is available these days. 

Annoyingly the server in question is 75 miles away so its a bit of a trek to test cards.

Anyone experienced this issue and resolved it?

Thanks for your thoughts


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Do you have R80.40 with atleast Jumbo 25 installed? I had a problem with additional NICs not beeing recognized correctly. After I installed a current Jumbo everything was fine. This is also very well documented on the HCL and the R80.40 product page.


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Thanks for your comment. I thought I'd already replied but its not here!!!

I had not installed the minimum Jumbo 25 as in order to do so I would have had to go ahead and ignore the fact I had no link ups and do the 80.40 install, leaving us with no resilience if it didn't work.


In the end I managed to locate 3 network cards that are on the Check Point Hardware compatability list.

I tried the cheap Intel Pro 1000 PT first however after selecting the initial option 11 (install with ACPI support with VGA) the process just hung.

I then tried an Intel Pro 1000 VT and had a similar experience. I then tried both these in different slots on the server to rule out issues there but had the same experience. 

With no real hope of success, I removed these and tried the Intel x540 card and it worked straightaway, didn't crash the installer and was visible and showing link up so I was able to safely progress the install. It would have been interesting to then install the hotfixes and try the other cards but I ran out of time on my change window. At least it is all up and running now.

Many thanks

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