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R80.30 SMS manage R80.40 GW limitaions?

R80.30 SMS + R80.30GW or R77.30 GW

In the client enviroment, he did not want to upgrade SMS now. But he want to upgrade GW to R80.40 first. I can see Backward Compatibility Map show R80.80 SMS can manage R80.40 GW, but has some limitation. I review R80.30 releae note and find nothing. Could you please tell me what is limitations? According to the client feedback, GW only enable ACL. THX a lot!

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The main limitation will be that you cannot use any new features introduced in R80.40

Please refer: sk164652: Managing R80.40 Security Gateways and VSX Gateways with lower versions of Security Managem...

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