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content of application, in apcl


As part of an ongoing project, i did some troubleshooting together with a customer today, trying to get teams to work via Citrix.

There is no https inspection activated, so found a checkmates thread, where they suggested adding "microsoft services" as an extra application, as that seemed to work for them. And it worked fine here as well.


After this, the customer had some questions regarding this, and it boiled down to a discussion on what this application covers, in terms of services and applications from microsoft.


Does anyone have any input to what this application actually gives access to? its a low risk application, so not too worried about that . But the customer does have a strict regime on what users can access online, so we are trying to find out what this gives access to.


Any input would be appreciated.



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We don't publish exactly what's covered, but it is discussed briefly here:

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