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R80.20, Log Server and SMS in a Domain Management Server

Hi all,

we have a MDS HA environment running R77.30 with several DMSs. Each DMS belongs to a different customer.

In each DMS we have also an SMS and a Log/Smart Event Server.

Since we are planning to migrate to R80.20, I would like to know if Log/Smart Event Server and SMS on each DMS are still supported.

Thank you,


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On a MDS you can no longer add a SmartEvent server inside the Domain (CMA), you will need to define those on the global level and then assign each domain to a specific server. You could that way share some of those to handle a couple domains that do very little traffic.

I have a R80.10 MDS where we run 1 generic and currently only 1 dedicated SE server, the shared one handles 12 domains ATM.

Regards, Maarten
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