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Processes in R80.40

In R80.40 some new processes can be found, which are not yet described in the following sk97638: Check Point Processes and Daemons

dsd                         > GW:   dynamic split daemon (dsd) R80.40. Dynamic split of CoreXL changes the assignment of CoreXL SND's and CoreXL firewall workers.

I found some more 🙂

The description of the SK contains all versions, but R80.40 processes are not yet included.


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Employee Alumnus

@HeikoAnkenbrand ,

Thanks for noticing , we will look into it.



Hi @shlomip,


Just an idea!

If you can add the R80.x version number to the process, we'll know from which version on the process existed.

Best Regards

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Employee Alumnus


sk97638  was updated with new 2 processes of R80.40

dsd (Dynamic Balancing/Dynamic Split)

tp_conf_service (Updatable configuration service for Threat Prevention)

I will check about adding the version data to the sk - Thanks for the suggestion.