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Preventing leakage of sensitive and confidential data to Generative AI applications

Employees are submitting sensitive business data and privacy-protected information to large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, raising concerns that artificial intelligence (AI) services could be incorporating the data into their models, and that information could be retrieved at a later date if proper data security isn't in place for the service.

Although many AI services claim to not cache or use user-submitted data for training purposes, recent incidents with ChatGPT specifically have exposed vulnerabilities in the system.

This can potentially result in the exposure of company intellectual property or user search prompts with responses, posing a significant risk to organizations.

As a result, companies are increasingly concerned about how they can leverage AI services while safeguarding their sensitive data from being exposed to the public.

This underscores the need for companies to assess the risks and benefits associated with AI services and to implement measures to protect their sensitive data.

Use Check Point Quantum and Harmony Connect Data Loss prevention or Content Awareness to prevent leakage of sensitive data to Generative AI applications like chatGPT and Google Bard.

Create a security rule policy for Generative AI Applications and your sensitive data :


Here is an example how you can configure, deploy and prevent confidential data leakage to Open AI chatGPT : 





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