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Physical memory vs FW memory. Explanation needed!

Hi All!


I try to understand the nature of these two parameters of the VSX vsls gateways.

What is the differences/similarities of these two parameters, Physical memory and the FW memory in the cpview.

It is a little bit foggy to me since we are investigating a behaviour.

Could someone able to explain it to me? Seems to me the Fw memory is more and more important than the physical to monitor.

I attached a picture from cpview, when the Fw memory is fully utilised but the physical is still on 50%.

In this case the gateway stop processing traffic, lot of 'internal rule base error' drops. But the gateway itself are available.

all input for this are highly welcome.

thanks in advance.


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Physical memory refers to the entire appliance.
Firewall memory refers to the memory allocated to the various processes and such related to firewall functions.
More information is definitely required to assist in troubleshooting this (for example version/JHF level, precise error messages and such).


Thanks for the explanation and offer to help.

for my understanding, and correct me if I'm wrong:

The Physical memory usage is alway higher than the FW memory usage because this:

Physical memory usage = Fw memory usage + OS base memory usage

And PhysMem usage is increasing when the FWmem is increasing as well.

this is what we see on other VSX's (each has 10 vs on them)   The physical men usage is ~3Gbit more than the fw men.


In this particular case after the reboot and latest hot fix (r81.10 T87) the fw memory usage is still higher than the physical men usages. And keep rising, very slowly.

pic attached.


This VSX cluster is a 3 node cp26000  96gb ram.  r81.10 T87.  (VSLS. with 39 VS and 5 switch on it)

No error message is visible now. only when the fw memory was 100% full, we got only 'internal rule base error' drop messages in the logs. nothing more. 


Tac is already on in and possible RnD will be involved.

I'd like to pic your and the community's brain, maybe you saw similar like this.


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It's possible there is a memory leak somewhere.
I recommend getting the TAC involved. 

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Yes we (Tac as well) are suspected memory leak, that is why they recommended to apply T87, which has memory fixes (as they told us)

Maybe not all memory issues was fixed. So they are still investigating.

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Yea, you got that right, but as @PhoneBoy said, its possible you have memory leak going on here. To be able to properly help you, can you send us outputs of below commands:


free -m

ps -auxw

cpview (look at initial screen for memory usage)

cpwd_admin list


cat /proc/cpuinfo

cat /proc/meminfo

cpstat fw -f all



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Attached the outputs.

on the 39 VS, there are 3 of them has its blade enabled 

All others has only fw. and all the connections around 90-99% accelerated.




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