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No display log port tcp/4000 or port/4242 with R80.20


We are installing a new app, wich is listening on TCP/4000 and TCP/4242.

But when I try to reach those ports, from internet, i can't see those attempts in logs.Nor in IPS logs.

I can see something, when i make a tcpdump, but i can't explain why thoses connexions aren't display in logs...

Is there someone who had faced this problem here?

Thank you for your help

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I’m not clear on what is actually happening.
Are you saying the traffic is actually passing the gateway (confirmed with a tcpdump) but nothing is being logged?
I would actually try fw monitor in this case to see if the traffic is actually passing through the various inspection points.
Also, a screenshot of the rule and services in question would be helpful.
Not to mention version/JHF information.


Hello PhoneBoy,

Thanks for your answer.

The traffic was drop by a rule above, which match the network with no log and a negate group of services! THE thing to do!!

Sorry for the interruption, and thank you for your time.

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