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License-Management-Test: Add License

I am getting familiar with the license management because we encountered some unclear license lost.

1) Is it possible to test the license management in Demo Mode with temporary license for tests?

2) According to live hint from CheckPoint, User can get licneses from CheckPoint, for example, only for the funktion license management test for several days licenses, i.e. add, delete, update, changes etc. This test should be also possible during Demo Mode or not?  

3) where I can get temporay test license for such tests? where I can download such kind of test licenses from user center for for function tests for several days?

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When you do a fresh install, a 15 day "Plug and Play" license is included, which should enable all Security Management and Security Gateway features.

If you want to extend that, you can get a so-called "All-in-one" evaluation license good for 30 days from User Center in Learn > Evaluate > Product Evaluation.

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HI i got all in one license and i successfuly installed it on the MGMT server which is 80.10 but am unable to install it it on the Gateway. can you  help me with that how to add that to Gateway as well. 

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How are you attempting to install the license on the gateway?

The following thread might be helpful here: 

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