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Security Checkup in R80

Hi All,

Recently I came to know the wonderful feature in R80. 

In Reporting part, there are some pre-defined report of checkpoint. There are 3 reports of Security Checkup in which you find below information.

  • Malware Infection and affected machines
  • High Risk Web Applications
  • Intrusion attempts and Bot attacks 
  • Affected machines with Vulnerabilities for reference.

These are really great reports which cover almost all prevention measures and you can come to know suspicious activities happening in your network.


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These reports are the ones used when running the appliance as a Security Check Up appliance so that it just monitors a port mirror or bridge to see what is happening on a network before some "proper" security is put in place!

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The Mobile Security Report is also great, you can easily detect some apps and out dated mobile devices in your network, that report recomends to have Sandblast Mobile for a complete protection.

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