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Security Checkup in R80

Hi All,

Recently I came to know the wonderful feature in R80. 

In Reporting part, there are some pre-defined report of checkpoint. There are 3 reports of Security Checkup in which you find below information.

  • Malware Infection and affected machines
  • High Risk Web Applications
  • Intrusion attempts and Bot attacks 
  • Affected machines with Vulnerabilities for reference.

These are really great reports which cover almost all prevention measures and you can come to know suspicious activities happening in your network.


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Re: Security Checkup in R80

These reports are the ones used when running the appliance as a Security Check Up appliance so that it just monitors a port mirror or bridge to see what is happening on a network before some "proper" security is put in place!

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Re: Security Checkup in R80

The Mobile Security Report is also great, you can easily detect some apps and out dated mobile devices in your network, that report recomends to have Sandblast Mobile for a complete protection.

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