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Is it possible to get gateways config without Manager ?

Hi all,

We have a big issue with our Manager VM.

We have reinstall a Manager, with an "old" backup.

Problem : in this old backup, we do not have all policies, VPN accounts, etc.

Is there any way to get configs from our gateways (because they have the good config !).

Many thanks,


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If you are on R77.XX, you may have a chance to salvage something (Unsupported method!!!), see: Is it possible to recover policy and objects from gateway? 

While the description there pertains to SPLAT, it should work for Gaia as well.

I am not aware of this being possible in R80.10+ situations.


That method requires a Cpinfo from the management server and yes, very not supported. If I understand correctly you need to pull the policy files from your current gateways. If that's the case I'd say your only hope is to contact Professional Services, they may be able to do it.


What is on the gateways is a "compiled" version of the policy.

It may not contain all the information you need to restore the policy to the manager.

Also, if your management is R80.x, most likely the data will be in a format that will need to be converted.

You're definitely going to need Check Point Professional Services for this.

Bottom line: you should be making regular backups of your management.

You can see a discussion of the various methods here: 

VMware backup vs migrate export vs Gaia snapshot


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