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Content Awareness Log with file name

Hi CheckMates,

When I using content awareness/APCL to monitor upload/download file name on Dropbox or other "file share cloud", the "File Name" field of extended logs displayed a different file name from original.


I upload the file "aspnet_perf.ini", the "File Name" of log is displayed "upload_web_file_block"

I download the file "aspnet_perf.ini", the "File Name" of log is displayed "aspnet_perf.ini"


GW version:R80.10

Blades: APCL/CTNT with HTTPSi

Policy: accept Dropbox with extended log

Browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome

May I know the exact reason and how to explain this difference?

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This is expected behavior. 

Content Awareness is using the Content-Disposition header to get the file name.

If this header is not present, the filename is obtained from the URL.
When uploading file to Dropbox, there is no such header and the URL doesn't contain the file name.

When downloading the file, the URL contains the file name.


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