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Implications of disabling GNAT

Hey all,


First time poster - so if I've missed anything, please let me know.


We upgraded our gateway cluster from R80.30 to R80.40 take 118 a couple of weeks back. Users in our contact centre have started to report an issue where Agent A puts themselves into a "ready" state, it will change Agent B's "busy" state to ready, too. We have reported this to the vendor who has suggested this is could be a NAT-related issue. After some searching, I came across sk165153 which explains that the NATing for hide NAT configurations has changed from dynamic port allocation to GNAT.


For troubleshooting purposes, I want to disable GNAT as per sk165153 & sk26202 to see if the issue still occurs. Does anyone know of any implications to disabling GNAT?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.





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If you have a lot of connections going to the same destination IP, you may experience HIDE NAT Failures. 
I would involve the TAC here as well.


Hi @PhoneBoy,


Thanks for responding. I'll avoid disabling GNAT for now and engage TAC as you suggested.

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