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CheckMates TechTalks from May 2021 and Earlier

This is a list of our TechTalks from May 2021 and earlier. You can find TechTalks from June 2021 onward on our main TechTalks page.

Past Events

Events Date Speaker More Information
AWS Gateway LoadBalancer - Deep Dive Webinar

19 May 2021

20 May 2021

@Shay_Levin @Shay_Levin 

Video and Q&A

 MITRE ATT&CK extension for IPS & Anti-Bot 12 May 2021 @Oren_Koren  Video and Q&A
May The Fourth CloudMates Live Show 04 May 2021

Dorit Dor, Gil Shwed, and everyone else

Video and Q&A

Check Point Container workload protection demo

CPX 360 2021 Wrap-Up 20 March 2021

PhoneBoy, Val, and Shay

Video, Q&A, and Slides

TechTalk Deep Dive - CloudGuard & Aviatrix Clouding Together 08.04.2021

Shahzad Ali & John Guo

Video and Slides

Advanced Investigation & Remediation using Harmony Endpoint 24 March 2021

@Yoni_Nave & @Pasha_Pal 

Video, Q&A, and Slides

TechTalk Deep Dive - Native Cloud Security  Walkthrough 16.03.2021


Video, Q&A, and Slides

TechTalk: Check Point + Siemplify SOAR: Reducing Risk and Response Time to Critical Attacks

17 February 2021


Video, Q&A, and Slides

The Value of Security Vendor Self-Awareness

20 January 2021


Video, Q&A, and Comments

 TechTalk - Deep Dive - R81 New Identities

15 Dec 2020


Video, Q&A, and Comments

What's New in R81 Security Management

2 December 2020


Video, Q&A, and Comments

Serverless Security - Deep Dive

01 Dec 2020


Video & Slides and more

Network Detection and Response with Check Point SandBlast/CloudGuard Now

11 November 2020


Video, Q&A, and Comments

Delivering Security Consolidation Across the Enterprise with R81

28 October 2020

Shay Rubach

Video, Q&A and Comments 

Check Point’s New SASE Remote Access Solution – Powered by Odo

07 October 2020

Noa Zilberman

Video, Q&A and Comments

Deep Dive - CloudGuard Deployment For AWS 22-24 September 2020 @Shay_Levin  Video and other materials
Check Point Product Roadmap 16 September 2020 @itai_Greenberg  Video and Q&A
Moving the Security Management to the Cloud 02 September 2020 @Anat_Eytan-Davi  Video, Q&A and Comments
Cloud Native Security in the Era of Uncertainty 05 August 2020 Marina Segal
TJ Gonen
Video, Q&A and Comments
SIGRed - In depth Analysis of CVE-2020-1350 (CVSS 10.0) 28 July 2020 Sagi Tzadik
Ori Hamama
Video, Q&A and Comments
Scalable Remote Access VPN Solution with ClougGuard IaaS 15 Jul 2020 Daniel Goldenstein
Shay Levin
Video, Q&A, and Comments
Ask Me Anything With Dr. Dorit Dor and Team 8 July 2020 Dorit Dor Video, Q&A, and Comments
Improving Performance with Dynamic Workloads 24 June 2020 Chen Muchtar  Video, Q&A, and Comments
CloudGuard IaaS Deployment on Azure - Deep Dive Session  15-17 June 2020  Shay Levin 
Dmitry Gorn
Video, Q&A, and Comments

Quantum Security Gateways™ - Technological Aspects 

20 May 2020

Yaron Weiler

Video, Q&A, and Comments

Secure Data Transformation During COVID-19:  Focus on Azure and AWS Cloud Security Posture Management 

06 May 2020 Robert Elliot
Gregory Pepper
Marina Segal
Video, Q&A and Comments
The Coronavirus Outbreak - An adversity or an opportunity?

14 April 2020 

Ashwin Ram

Video, Q&A and Comments
 Working from home - Remote Access Best Practices

01 April 2020

Robert Elliot
Allen Fambro

Video, Q&A, and Comments
Preventing Malicious Web Downloads in the Speed of Business 

18 March 2020

Einat Ferber
Jonathan Gold-Shalev
Ran Levy

Video, Q&A, and Comments
What's New in R80.40 Security Management?

4 March 2020

Atan Eytan-Davivi
Dima Malobrodsky

Video, Q&A, and Comments
The R80.x Adoption Experience By The Numbers

19 February 2020

Jim MacLeod

Video, Q&A, and Comments
Moving from Detect to Prevent

8 January 2020

Oren Koren

Video, Q&A, and Comments
TLS Inspection Best Practices

18 December 2019

Peter Elmer

Video, Q&A and Comments
New SMB Appliance Series and WatchTower Mobile App

13 November 2019

Amir Ayalon
Nir Lukash
Video, Q&A, and Comments
Utilizing the CheckPoint API to Automate Operations

23 October 2019

Rafi Zvi Video, Q&A, and Comments
Fighting Cyber Security Threats with SandBlast Now

25 September 2019

Nir Naaman Video, Q&A, and Comments
SD-WAN Security

4 September 2019

Tomer Sole Video, Q&A and Comments
Taking Security to the next level with Mitre ATT&CK

14 August 2019

Jonathan Fischbein Video, Q&A and Comments

Maestro – New features, Best practices and Performance aspects

7 July 2019

Maor Elharah
Anatoly Masover

Video, Q&A and Comments

R80.30 Technical Update

12 June 2019

Chen Muchtar, Itzhak Davidov, Guy Elyashiv, Oren SegevEinat Ferber

Video, Q&A and Comments

DEVOPS - Gaia APIs – Fast & Simple gateway configuration

24 April 2019

Alexander Kim

Video, Q&A, and Comments

Running VSX like a Pro

20 March 2019

Jim MacLeod

Video, Q&A and comments are here 

R80.20 Use cases

7 March 2019

Anat Eytan-Davidi

Video, Q&A and comments are here 

Management API Best Practices

13th February 2019

Ryan Darst

Management API Best Practices TechTalk and Q&A 

Migrate to R80.20

9th January 2019

Dameon Welch-Abernathy

Valeri Loukine

Migrate to R80.20 TechTalk

Dome9 Overview

28 November 2018

Grant Asplund

Pawan Shankar

TechTalk: Dome9 Overview and Q&A 

CloudGuard for AWS Transit VPC

October 24th 2018

Lior Cohen

Nir Bonfil

CloudGuard for AWS - Security Transit VPC Demonstration

Security Gateway Performance Optimization

September 26th 2018

Timothy Hall

TechTalk: Security Gateway Performance Optimization with Tim Hall

IPS Usability in R80.20

August 14th 2018

Tomer Sole

Smadi Paradise

Ofir Israel

Raz Shlomo

Avishai Duer

IPS Ease of Use in R80.20 TechTalk 

R80.20 and R80.20.M1 Demo

July 18th 2018

Tomer Sole

Check Point R80.20 Demo TechTalk and Q&A

Mid-Year Report: Top Wanted Malware of 2018 (so far)

July 11th 2018 Maya Horowitz Mid-Year Report - Top Wanted Malware of 2018 (so far)

Central Deployment Tool and Blink

June 28th 2018 Tsahi Etziony TechTalk: CDT and Blink Video and Slides

Inside North Korea’s Anti-Virus, SiliVaccine

June 26th, 2018

Neatsun Ziv

Yaniv Balmas
Mark Lechtik‌ Michael Kajiloti  

TechTalk: Inside North Korea’s Anti-Virus, SiliVaccine 
Remote Code Execution Vulnerability on LG Smartphones June 14th, 2018 Neatsun Ziv
Jonathan Shimonovich
TechTalk: Remote Code Execution Vulnerability on LG Smartphones
How to Prevent the Next Global Attack April 25th, 2018

Roman Kunicher

Avishai Duer

TechTalk: Preventing the Next Global Attack with IPS
Security Visibility Best Practices with SmartEvent March 14th, 2018

Kfir Dadosh

Oren Koren

Security Visibility Best Practices with SmartEvent
Mobile Security Best Practices  February 23nd 2018 Scot Kight Mobile Security Best Practices TechTalk
New Years Toast and Migration to R80.10 January 3rd 2018 Dameon Welch-Abernathy TechTalk: Migrate to R80.10 and New Years Toast
Advanced Threat Prevention Best Practices December 6th 2017 Nicolas McKerrall TechTalk: Advanced Threat Prevention Best Practices
Compliance Best Practices November 15th 2017 Tomer Sole TechTalk: Compliance Best Practices 
Cloud Security Best Practices October 18th 2017 Gregory Pepper Cloud Security Best Practices TechTalk
Beware of the Bashware September 27th 2017

Oded Vanunu

Gal Elbaz

All About Bashware: Overview and Demonstration
Ask Me Anything September 18th 2017 Dorit and the Team Ask Me Anything
How to leverage R80.10 API to automate and streamline security operations August 15th 2017 Ryan Darst Leveraging the R80.10 API to Automate and Streamline Security Operations
NotPetya: Under the Microscope July 11th 2017 Mark Lechtik NotPetya: Under the Microscope Presentation and Recording
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