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Identity Agent starts with window open


I have updated some "identity agent" on some client-computers, to version R80.167.0000.

After that, the agent always start with the "splash-screen" / "program window" open, not minimised, as before.

(Se attached screenshot)
It happen after every start or reboot.

It is annoying for the clients to have to close that window all the time, and I don't find a way to fix that.

Previously, the agent always started minimised with only the umbrella icon showing in the task-bar.

Thet client work fine, but it would be good, not to see the program on the desktop.

Any ideas?

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Re: Identity Agent starts with window open

Do you know if you deployed the "standard" out of the box IA Agent? Or did you customize your own using 



Ours have always been deployed using IAConfigTool and I don't believe we've seen that behavior. 

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read about customizing the package on Pg. 148 here. Smiley Happy 

Re: Identity Agent starts with window open

Same behaviour seen here. We use the IAConfigTool - tried various permutations and result is the same.

Also this tool no longer seems to pick up the custom reg keys as suggested by the large scale implementation guide.

Tried on most recent version as well 80.172 and behaviour is the same.

It seems like an option has been ticked when the program was packaged and exe created.

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Re: Identity Agent starts with window open

Hi Simon.
I opened a service request with CheckPoint, and it seams that this is a known issue with the "full agent", The support personnel called and told me it is like that if I use the "full agent".
See the written answer below:
"You will need to install the Light Identity Agent in order to hide the window automatically.
If you would like to use the MSI and configure it as a Light Identity Agent, you will need to select "Install just for you" in the Installation Scope tab in the Agent Setup.
Otherwise, you can simply use the Identity Agent Light EXE which will run the installation without the advanced agent selection options."

I am considering opening the SR again and ask CheckPoint to change that behavior, as I think it is better to use the full agent. But for now I will try the "light agent".

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Re: Identity Agent starts with window open

Hi Tobias

Thanks for this.

The open window adds nothing to the functionality and the full agent did not use to keep the window open.

The option of using the light agent means that functionality is lost - machine based auth at least, so this is not acceptable as a response to customers.

I am sure that this open window was not explicitly designed and has rather crept in and got past QA.

We will get a SR opened. We need the new client to fix a bug and this issue would mean we cannot distribute the new version.



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Re: Identity Agent starts with window open

I believe that the  light agent is also per user, not per computer. This is another drawback to installing in a large environment.

So we are stuck with getting the Full Agent install fixed. 

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Re: Identity Agent starts with window open

Unfortunately, the new version of the SUV has only three wheels, but maybe you can use the e-bike instead?

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Re: Identity Agent starts with window open

Thank you, Koby Kagan, for building a new agent build that fixes all those problems! We already got a testing version that fixes the splash screen issue. Now waiting for new GA version of the agent to appear in sk134312. That's really great service!

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Re: Identity Agent starts with window open

Hi all,

A new agent which fixing this behavior was uploaded to sk134312.

The relevant fix is PRHF-2566, added to version R80.174.0000.


Royi Priov

Identity Awareness R&D

Re: Identity Agent starts with window open

Great. Installed the client and it works Smiley Happy

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Re: Identity Agent starts with window open

Thanks, Royi!

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