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IPv6 Road Map 2022

Hello Community,

I want to use the current discussion about Chinas way of pushing specific technology like IPv6 by strict political orders and ask if someone knows about Check Points road map regarding IPv6.

It's 2021 and sk163313 still list a lot of things which do not support IPv6 even in latest R81.10. Some features like Anti-Spam & Email Security are not listed as limited (and to be fair not as supported as well) but still do not support IPv6:

"Warning because of 'gateway': Anti-Spam and Email Security is activated on this gateway which has an IPv6 address defined. It will only apply to IPv4 traffic."

There are already networks out there, which should be build IPv6-only due to customer request and when looking at what China forces now, this will increase.

The well-celebrated World IPv6 Launch Date was 9 years ago. Isn't it time to have network security companies which offer full support for IPv6 in their products?

Does anyone of you has insights? Of course, you could also say you do not think that full IPv6 is important in 2022, I will survive that 🙂

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 I do not know - but i see not much IPv6 around in Austria, all is still mostly IPv4, especially SOHO and private users, as only scarce big players start using IPv6. sk163313 - IPv6 features and limitations starting R80.30

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Thats actually very smart post and I hope someone from CP can confirm these things. IPV6 is definitely coming 🙂

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Many of the items in sk163313 are actually legacy features that will not be updated to support IPv6.
For any other specific requirements, I recommend engaging your local Check Point office.


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Totally agree - we're (slowly) in the process of deploying IPv6 in our organization from the outside inwards, and I really don't get why we still lack feature parity on vital components in Checkpoint gateways - especially Remote Access VPN, but also VTI based VPN tunnels.

Earlier this year, I pointed out in a post the same (lack of IPv6 support) where I was troubleshooting some DNS resolution complications introduced with IPv6:

Hopefully they will reveal more IPv6 in the upcoming "2022 product roadmap" feature next week ... but I somehow doubt it...

Having said that, I'm happy that the IPv6 functions that we have implemented already indeed are working fine (*knockonwood*)



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