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How does R80.20 OSPF instance compare with a Cisco VRF

In the R80.20 boot camp we learned, that OSPF can now have several instances. Am I correct when saying that the separation of routing traffic and routing tables is valid for OSPF only in Gaia R80.20, whereas Cisco VRF is a completely independent virtual routing engine, agnostic to any routing protocol.

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According to the Advanced routing guide:

"Each instance contains a fully independent OSPF database, and routes from one domain are not automatically advertised to another domain"

I think this means that 1 devices routing table will have routes from both OSPF instances, and routes that clash will be ranked according to routing rules. 

VRF in the other hand creates 2 distinct routing tables, and this is different from ospf instances. 

This is how i understood it, maybe im wrong, feel free to correct me. 

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Its actually on the guide also 

Multiple instances are supported both on IPv4 and IPv6. If two different OSPF instances try to install the same route with equal cost, the route with the lower next-hop IP address is preferred. If the routes have different costs, the route with the lower cost is selected.

Meaning the same Routing table will share routes from all OSPF domains.