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Enable multiple email addresses associated with account.

I've come across Valeri Loukine's post about challenges facing those who are trying to change the email addresses associated with their Check Point accounts.

CCMA's blog: Changing jobs? Brace yourself for impact of losing your UserCenter access 

It seems reasonable to remove the user's access from past and current SRs and licenses, but let them have the access to their certification data and CheckMates profile.

I, for instance, joined the CheckMates using email address associated with one of the VARs I am working with and, in retrospect, would prefer to use my own.

Why tie the community members to their current employees? The hassle of solving this issue will deter a lot of folks from continuing their engagement, if they'll find themselves in this situation.

I would like to hear your opinion on this subject and the response from Check Point user center administration will be especially welcome.

Thank you,


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UserCenter is our central system for identifying customers, partners, and prospects who interact with SupportCenter, PartnerMap, and more recently, CheckMates.

I'm pretty sure Valeri is not the first person to run into this issue of needing to change email addresses because he's changed employers. Smiley Happy

That said, when it does happen, it has to be handled through our Account Services team, which is engaged with Valeri already.

For CheckMates, it's a little more complicated since the underlying User ID is generated through a different system that allows UserCenter and Jive to be integrated.

If a different email address is used to authenticate with UserCenter, that means a different User ID is passed to Jive, which effectively means you have a new account.

The good news is that most users (outside of Check Point employees) generally don't have special privileges on the CheckMates platform, announcement notwithstanding.

UserCenter in general would probably benefit from allowing multiple email addresses to be associated with the same "account." 

Meanwhile, at least on the CheckMates side, if you run into any issue related to having to change email addresses, contact me and I'll see what I can do.

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The current account system is not very user-friendly and easy, in my opinion. I was in a situation with changing employer and email myself. Certificates were transferred to the new user UserCenter account without any very big difficulties, but still it was not very clear what to do, and most importantly why to do so. The general principle is described in sk96109:

Your e-mail address is your username and cannot be changed.

To change your e-mail / username, you have to register your new e-mail address.

So, I needed to create a new user account for me with the new email, then change email address on PersonVUE to the new one, then write an email to Account Services and ask them to transfer all my certificates. Which they did of course. This whole procedure takes quite some time. This is not fatal, but not very pleasant either.

And now we are discussing this topic on Check Mates, so it is a new part of the whole connectivity with Check Point and their products. Actually I was thinking about the same situation, as Valeri described, a couple of days before when I saw a new notification about "Positive feedback on your contributions". Basically, all these earned points, badges, levels, connections with people, bookmarked topics, etc. could be lost because of changing employers. Although Dameon says that it not brings any privileges (as in Support Center for example) it is still some indicator of your involvement and credit of trust from other users.

I would need to have two accounts on Check Point - for the old email and for the new one. And maybe at some point I would need to paste a pin code that was send to my old email and I will not be able to do that.

Right now it seems to me that the best way to use Check Mates, if you want to develop your account here, is just to create a separate user in User Center with your own personal email. 

Transferring certificates there is not a good option, because they are usually required for confirming partnership for a company that you work for.

And another question for the discussion:
Why I cannot delete my old account in User Center?

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"Points" at least can potentially be moves between accounts as you can gift your points (using badges) between accounts.

Moving other information between accounts in Jive, I will have to investigate that more closely as I suspect this request will come up again.

As for deleting UserCenter accounts, I would check with Account Services.


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