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Easy Tool Collection

The "Easy Tool Collection" provides you tools on the management server to do things simultaneously on all gateway or remotely on one gateway.


- Easy Backup Tool - (migrate export + all GAIA configs)                   -> Easy backup of all gateway GAIA configs + migrate export with one CLI command.

- Easy execute CLI commands on all gateways simultaneously        ->  Now you can use the new command to execute bash or clish commands on all gateway simultaneously.

- Easy execute CLI commands from management on gateways        -> Easy execute CLI commands from management on gateways

- Easy Mobile User License Tool - replaced "dtps lic"                          -> It displays all Secure Client, SSL VPN and Mobile Access Portal licenses in total (sum) on the SMS.

- Easy View Tool - (system infos from all gateways simultaneously) -> This toll shows you quickly an overview of status information of all your gateways with only one CLI command.




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