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Difference in RAM values, like Real vs. Virtual

Dear Checkmates fellows,

I am a little bit unsure about the difference of these values regarding memory. I have take these from the sk90860 - "How to configure SNMP on Gaia OS" - section "VI-1-B - memory".

What is the difference:

  • RAM - Real Total
  • RAM - Real Active
  • RAM - Real Free
  • RAM - Virtual Total
  • RAM - Virtual Active
  • Hmem fails
  • System Kmem fails

Many thanks for clarification.

Best regards,

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These are OS memory report numbers. I believe SK you mentioned does have explanation for the each item (omitting unnecessary details:

RAM - Real Total Total real memory in bytes.
Memory used by applications.
RAM - Real Active Active real memory in bytes (memory used by applications that is not cached to the disk).
RAM - Real Free Free memory in bytes available for applications.
RAM - Virtual Total The size in bytes of the virtual-memory working segment pages.
RAM - Virtual Active The size in bytes of the virtual-memory working segment pages that have actually been touched.
Hmem fails Hash memory allocation failures.
System Kmem fails System Kernel memory (SMEM) allocation failures.

You should also be able to get more info about each position on Linux resources, for example:

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To add, most concerns should be about allocation failures (hmem fails, system kmem fails) and swap status. By no means your GWs should ever swap.

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