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Cyber Attack Trends: 2020 Mid-Year Report


  • Check Point Research publishes its 2020 Mid-Year Report, giving a detailed overview of the current cyber threat landscape.
    · COVID-19 related phishing and malware attacks increased dramatically from under 5,000 thousand per week in February, to over 200,000 per week in late April
    · 34% increase in all types of cyber-attacks globally in the past two months compared to March and April 2020
    · Cryptominers lead cyber attack categories globally, making up nearly 20% of all cyber attacks
    · Email attack vectors (78%) dominate web attack vectors (22%)
    · Excel files (exe) are the top malicious files across web (42%) and email (26%)
    · 80% of the observed attacks utilized vulnerabilities reported and registered in 2017 and earlier
    · More than 20% of the attacks used vulnerabilities that are at least seven years
  • Get the full report:


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