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Configure Gaia with TACACS+ Authentication for SmartCosole (Query)

Hi Team,

I refer sk101573 (How to configure Gaia OS to work with a TACACS+ server)

Below is the configuration details.

VMware:12 Pro

NOTE: We successfully login with GAIA portal using TACACS user (User define in TACACS+ Server).

But unable to login with SmartConsole. 

Configuration Step Taken :

File Name : tac_plus.conf (Location : /etc/tacacs+/tac_plus.conf)


Configuration for SmartConsole Login




Unable to find any logs on messages file.


As I know for "Authentication to server failed" logs are not generated in the messages file.

Please confirm is this a right configuration because ,  we unable to login with Smartconsole but able to login with GAIA portal.

Thank you 



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Re: Configure Gaia with TACACS+ Authentication for SmartCosole (Query)

Did you do an Install Database after making these changes?
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Re: Configure Gaia with TACACS+ Authentication for SmartCosole (Query)

Configuration looks good, as Phoneboy syas, did you install database? Also is there a Firewall between the Management and the TacAcs server?
When it is a standalone implementation make sure to allow TacAcs-Plus from the gateway/management to the TacAcs server.
Regards, Maarten
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