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CPX 360 2021 Wrap-Up: Video, Slides, and Q&A

The CheckMates team did an overview of the CPX 360 2021 announcements and highlighted a few sessions you may have missed!
Content available to CheckMates members:

Q&A from the session below

Are the Sessions from CPX 360 2021 still available?

Yes, we have them all on CheckMates.

Do the "large" and "XL" Smart1 appliances assume separate and dedicated logging instances?

According to the datasheet, yes.

Can we deploy the "web smartconsole" on app server of our choice?

Currently, it is only supported to be deployed on the Security Management server.

If a Security Gateway is managed by Smart-1 Cloud, will there be any impact when the Smart-1 Cloud instance upgrades?

Similar to what happens when you upgrade an on-premise Security Management server, gateways will continue to operate as normal. Logs will be stored on the gateway until the Smart-1 Cloud instance comes back online.

Will CloudGuard Network Security be available for ARM architecture?

We currently don't offer this for ARM. If this is required, please contact your local Check Point office.

Your shiftleft tool is like blackduck ? Scan source code ; img ,or compiler file then report vulnerability impact score?

  • Scanning your Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) templates for risk
  • Checking your software for known vulnerabilities
  • Scanning container images for security issues

The solutions also consult also with Check Point ThreatCloud, regarding files, IP Addresses, URLs, and more.

Web Application Protection, is it WAF?

Web Application and API Protection.

Is the nano agent limited to Docker? Does it also run on containerd for Kubernetes?

Currently it is limited to Docker, containerd support is expected in Q2 2021.

Linux VPN/Endpoint client on the horizon?

Threat Prevention capabilities on the client are in Early Availability now. VPN is supported using the Strongswan client with an R81 gateway today. This is in addition to the SNX client.

How will Mobile Access Blade be replaced, updated and/or repackaged to align with new Harmony Connect strategy?

The solutions are complimentary and support different deployment strategies. They will be maintained in parallel for the time being.

Is Harmony FedRamp Approved?

As noted during the session, this is in progress. Please check with your local Check Point office for the current status.

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