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Check Point Product Roadmap with Itai Greenberg Sept 2020: Video and Q&A

Full video of the session available to CheckMates members.
A brief excerpt where Check Point's Founder and CEO @Gil_Shwed talks about our acquisition of Odo Security below.
Selected Q&A during the session also below.

How does Odo's Solution Compare with Mobile Access Blade?

Odo is similar to Mobile Access Blade in that it provides browser-based access to applications. Unlike Mobile Access Blade, it is a SaaS-based solution which also provides support for RDP, SSH, and Databases through a web browser. More details in this post:

Note that Odo does not replicate the functionality of a traditional VPN client or SNX. As such, it is not be a full replacement for Mobile Access Blade.

When will Odo's Solution Be Available?

We expect to make Odo's solution available with Check Point branding in October. 

What is the plan to integrate Odo into Check Point's larger offering?

We plan to integrate Odo's technology into CloudGuard Connect during the next few months.

Does Odo support on-premise applications?

Yes. Odo uses a container-based connector installed on-prem which connects via TLS to the cloud.

Will there be any posture checking of remote clients before connecting to resources accessible via Odo?

It is in the roadmap to add this.

When will Check Point's entire SASE offering be available?

As SASE covers a broad range of solutions, we are rolling out individual solutions as they mature. We currently have solutions for Branch Office, Email, and Office 365 available. Odo and VPN for roaming users will be released in the near future. Other elements will be released during next year.

Do we need Sandblast Agent Browser Security if we already use CloudGuard Connect?

The browser extension component will be licensed together with CloudGuard Connect. It is also a component of SandBlast Agent. As it can be considered both an endpoint and network protection, we include it with both.

Any investment or innovation in SOAR?

We've just launched our integration with Siemplify. We are also investing a lot in automation using native cloud capabilities, for example our Cloudbots Solution. We are committed to continue our investment in SOAR technologies going forward with more innovation.

With container security, does the Check Point solution provide protection similar to a WAF as well for application protection?

Today, we provide WAF-like security solution for serverless architecture. Similar functionality is being worked on for containers that will be based on the same technology.


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