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Can CoreXL mechanizm works on 1 core?

Hi community! Smiley Happy

Please help me with simple question.

In CoreXL admin guide we can see, that CoreXL is enabled from 1 CPU (as I can understand this doc):

Performance Tuning R80.10 (Part of Check Point Infinity) 


If I create a VM with 1 CPU, in cpconfig there is no CoreXL options:

If I create a VM with 2 CPUs, cpconfig has CoreXL options:

Tell me, please, what is the least amount of CPUs required to enable CoreXL and if CoreXLrequired at least 2 CPUs, why we see one CPU in admin guide? And if CoreXL is enabled with 1 CPU, why there is no options in cpconfig?

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If you have only one CPU CoreXL makes no sense. There is no CPU available to distribute anything to another CPU.

With CoreXL you can distribute the overall load to all or maybe only some CPUs. You need at least two, but better more CPUs to really benefit from CoreXL.

And yes, the documentation is a little bit confusing.



On the same page where you found the table Smiley Happy

CoreXL does not make sense on one core - you cannot multiply one Smiley Happy


Thank you. I missed this moment.


Then I do not understand the table line with 1 CPU.

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That is a good point! Me neither

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At R80.20 there's a new hack to turn the CoreXL instances on the fly on and off. Here is an example with 3 FW wokers!

Now start the command:

# fw ctl multik stop     -> stop CoreXL instance 1

# fw ctl multik stop    -> stop CoreXL instance 2

# fw ctl multik stop   -> The last instance cannot be disabled:-)

You can activate it again per:

# fw ctl multik start

CoreXL 0 cannot really be deactivated under R80.10+:-)

More see here: