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BGP route redistribution

Hi All,

I ran into a problem at the weekend where I was going through a change to correct the BGP router ID's on some firewall clusters. I was following a specific procedure to do this and ensured I had full configuration backups of the firewalls  with the output from a 'show configuration'. However, the configuration did not show the route redistribution that was setup using the web GUI on the Gaia firewall. This was an R77.30 Firewall cluster... 

Is this expected behaviour that the 'show configuration' does not include the config of everything configured on the firewall? Incidentally, the cluster is now 80.20; I wonder if the show configuration includes the route redistribution commands?


Paul Norman

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Re: BGP route redistribution

There was a possible R77.30 issue with VSX: sk105733: Clish command "show configuration" does not show BGP configuration on VSX and there is a limitation with SMBs: sk117272: "show configuration" output does not list BGP configuration commands.

But in general, show configuration should show the Basic BGP setup saved using save configuration...


Re: BGP route redistribution

Thanks for commenting...

Yes the devices in question were a pair of 13800's and are NOT running VSX ... Maybe the route redistribution was configured via the Web GUI and not over CLI so for some reason maybe the 'show configuration' does not take the configuration done over the web gui into account?

Regards, Paul

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Re: BGP route redistribution

Route redistribution configured in the WEB-UI is not shown when you run the 'show configuration' command, same goes for all filtering.
Any route maps you create on the cli will be shown as those are clish commands.
There should be a way to get those from the config, but I still have not found a way.
Regards, Maarten