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VPN Encryption/Decryption failure


We have VPN to Azure and for some reason we are unable to connect to one of the machines.

When we try to connect we got the error on tracker: 

"Encryption/Decryption failure, failed to resolve SA (VPN Error code 01)" and the traffic it's drop

with zdebug we got the error:

dropped by chain_ipsec_methods_ok Reason: vpn_decrypt_methods_ok failed;


I'm looking checkpoint documentation and I'm stuck because there are 2 error messages and for that reason 2 sk...

Anyone have this issue before?

I'm running R77.30 gw and R80.20 MGMT


Thank you very much for your help

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Did you perform the steps described in sk122532?
Is sk90060 actually relevant (i.e. is there a GRE tunnel inside the VPN tunnel)?
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Hi, afterwords it was a missmatch from Azure confguration.

It was missing peering between Gateway and Vnet. After establish the peering everything works fine.

Thank you very much for the help but the issue was on Azure configuration and not Checkpoint On-Prem.


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