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Azure Site 2 Site VPN is connected but it is not allowing multiple RDP sessions

Hi experts,

We have set up a VPN connection using standard routing (policy based VPN) with a R68 Checkpoint. We use a standard set up (see the .docx file for the set up details) since, according to the Microsoft documentation, the Connection is not supported for this device version. 

The connection seems to be working: 

However, when the customer tries to establish 3 rdp connections at the same time (from his host, to 3 azure VMs) it only keeps one connection working:

1st connection failed:

2nd connection failed:

Timeout exception (connection never gets up again):

I wonder if you can guide me, letting me know what could be hapenning and what are we missing on the set up.

Thanks in advance 

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The only things I can suggest are:

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