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Automated scripting for monthly snapshot backup



I am searching for a solution to avoid manual work of taking snapshot backup every moth from Gaia portal.

Kindly help me if there is a way to automate the snapshot backup on monthly basis at the end of month.





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In Gaia WebUI you can easily configure scheduled backups within the Backup section. In case you really need monthly snapshots, which I doubt, use the Job Scheduler.
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This can be achieved only by script.

The logic would be like this:
1. Check if there is enough disk space available for snapshot
2. Perform snapshot
3. Export snapshot
4. Transfer exported snapshot outside of the box 
5. Compare hashes of both files, they must be identical to avoid file corruption during the transfer
6. Remove locally exported snapshot
7. Delete snapshot partition
8. Repeat steps 1-8 after 30 days

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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