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Artificial Intelligence with Check Point - Security and Strategy September: Video, Slides, and Q&A

Q&A is below the video.
Slides are attached below the Q&A.

Is ChatGPT part of the AI in Check Point ML or is different platform or Check Point has its own propriertary solution?

Most of the architecture is propriertary and LLM usage is an external foundation model e.g. OpenAI.

How AI is enforcing Check Point Technologies to analyze, detect and block malware in encrypted packets?

We are already using AI technologies in ThreatCloud for this and other purposes. These show up in AntiBot and AntiVirus in particular and, in the future, IPS protections. 

Sounds like we are moving from local to the cloud and now again back to local because the intellectual-property data generated. is this how things looks now?

You’re seeing the trend correctly, and it’s been the case (specifically with adoption of Cloud) before AI became part of the mainstream discussion.

Any time that we can have access to the demo to help you to test it ? 🙂

What was shown in the demos were proof of concept. Once they are more developed and productized (expected in the coming months), we will engage with customers. 

Will there will be a more focus on DLP bla

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