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management server side by side upgrade



We have a management server running R81.10 and want to upgrade to R81.20. It’s a virtual server on VMware.

We tried an upgrade and it goes through the whole thing ok until the end when it reboots. It gets caught in an endless reboot with a kernel panic.

Since that vm was created a long time ago and went through several Checkpoint upgrade we thought it’d be good to deploy a ‘fresh’ one.

So we’ve deployed a new vm and installed R81.20.

Is it as simple as running a migrate_server export on the old one, copy the file over to the new one and run a migrate_server import?

Anything else that we should do or look for?

The new server has the same name but a different IP for now. Once the old one is down we would set the IP to be the same on the new one.




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Provided the migrate_server export is taken with the correct arguments (specifically in reference to target version), yes.


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